Business Process Services

Current State Business Process

Zweave will review any existing customer process documentation and identify any gaps in process documentation to be completed.  Zweave will interview process stakeholders to capture the current state processes.  Zweave will produce detailed process diagrams to document current process flows and information that is shared between key project stakeholders.

Future State Business Process

As the first step in Future State Business Process definition, Zweave will deliver PLM education workshops to key process stakeholders to establish a common understanding of what is possible using PLM technologies. Zweave will review current state process-maps and apply Zweave PLM best practices and recommendations to define future state processes.

Business Requirements

Zweave will work with your core team to document high-level business requirements for the PLM system.  During the requirements gathering process, we will lead discussions about best practices and prioritize the requirements your business leaders decide are most important.  Zweave will leverage our PLM Business Requirements templates for your industry segment and we will  draft your unique customer specific requirements where needed.  Zweave can arrange PLM customer and vendor reference visits to validate key PLM functional requirements.

Functional Requirements

Zweave will work with your core team to document detailed Functional Requirements for the PLM system.  During the requirements documentation process, we will lead meetings with your business leaders in each functional area to decide what PLM functionality is most important.  One highly effective format for these meetings is the Conference Room Pilot (CRP).  A CRP is a a series of workshop sessions with participation from each functional areas affected by the system.  The goal of each CRP session is to document the Functional Requirements that the PLM system will be configured to support.  In addition, Zweave will leverage our PLM Functional Requirements templates for your industry segment and we will draft your unique Functional Requirements where needed.

Six Sigma Process Improvements

Six Sigma is a strategic business approach that applies a set of problem solving methodologies that uses your people, data, measurements, and statistics to identify the vital few factors to decrease waste and defects while increasing customer satisfaction. Using Six Sigma for business process improvement can accelerate the achievement the benefits that are targeted by PLM. Six Sigma techniques can be a key to the success of the business transformation. Zweave will conduct Six Sigma Education classes to establish a baseline of understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Following education, Zweave will conduct Six Sigma Kaizan Workshops to identify and Improve critical business processes prior to PLM Implementation.

Organization Change Management

Zweave will assist you with managing organization changes to support new product development processes and strategic improvements that are defined within the PLM project charter.  We will use Organization Change Management templates to identify communication plans within each department and across the organization.  We will identify resistance to change and communicate ways to reduce or eliminate roadblocks to success.

New Process Learning and Adoption

Zweave’s structured approach to training will allow you to use PLM with confidence.  Zweave will begin by helping you assess your training needs and will build a training program to ensure that you are quickly utilizing your new PLM system. PLM training can be tailored for each client. Zweave trainers will know your team and your business and show you how to get the most out of you PLM system. Training can be delivered at your location, our facility, or remotely via online seminars. PLM education courses are usually planned in a sequence that best meet your current implementation capabilities. Classes are fast-paced and hands-on. All training sessions are led by Subject Matter Experts who are experts in using PLM.

Educational Resources

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