Zweave has over a decade of experience delivering research and development solutions to improve information management in the U.S. military Clothing and Individual Equipment (CIE) supply chain. Beginning in 2002, Zweave has delivered nine Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) project phases to design and develop a Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management solution for U.S. military clothing and individual equipment. Zweave’s research completed during these SBIR projects includes the definition of a data taxonomy for military clothing and individual equipment. The data taxonomy is based on PLM best practices and detailed analysis of CIE end-items.  Zweave has developed over 300 data items as part of the clothing and individual equipment information taxonomy.

Zweave is one of the few companies with experience in both US military Clothing and Individual Equipment supply chain and commercial apparel and consumer products Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions.  Zweave has the background and experience to identify problems with measurable results to improve the military CIE supply chain. Zweave has a unique understanding of the Government’s current processes, as well as the challenges in CIE supply chain operations. Members of the Zweave defense team include representatives who have direct experience with US military CIE contracting and manufacturing.

Zweave has extensive commercial best practice experience in design, engineering, sourcing and manufacturing across a diverse array of manufactured products.  Finally, the Zweave team also includes leading information technology professionals with direct experience in research and development of knowledge-based software solutions for managing the Defense Acquisition Lifecycle of CIE end-items. Contact Zweave to discuss our military knowledge-based software solutions.  

Defense Acquisition Lifecycle Solutions

Defense Acquisition Lifecycle Solutions


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