David Buck

David Buck 130x130David Buck is President of Zweave, Inc. a PLM solutions company that has been delivering PLM solutions to the U.S Government and Retail Industry since 2000.

David has over twenty-five years of experience managing the technical delivery of Information Technology projects.  His professional experience relates to solutions architecture, program management, project management, enterprise architecture, methodologies, software package selection, integration, implementation, and software development. David is an experienced IT professional who maintains technical knowledge of current IT standards, methodologies, software frameworks, and architectures.  He has extensive project delivery experience from active participation in the IT industry since 1983.  David was an early leader in delivering business solutions using the World Wide Web throughout the 1990’s.  David is a team player who has managed consulting organizations up to 75 people. David joined Zweave as the company’s CTO and managed the development of the company’s PLM product offerings, technical infrastructure, and professional services offerings. David sold and managed 9 software development projects for the U.S. Government where he designed and built custom PLM and related technical specification software solutions. Prior to Zweave, David worked for leading technology and consulting firms including IBM, Deloitte, Symbolics, and NeXT Computer.  He also founded Advis, an early Internet and web solutions companies where he led the delivery of over 50 custom object oriented web-based applications for large corporations throughout the 1990’s.

In addition to participation in key roles on PLM projects, David is actively researching the impact of Social Media, Open Innovation, and CrowdSourcing on product development systems and organizations. He can be reached at David@zweave.com.

Specialties: Software Technology, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Vendor Selection, PLM Requirements, PLM Architecture & Infrastructure Design, PTC FlexPLM Architecture, Dassault Enovia Architecture, Custom PLM Design, Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation, Enterprise Architecture, Business Models, Corporate Development, Cloud Computing, Infrastructure, Social Media, Community building, Knowledge Management, Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Transformation, Business Planning, Sales, Budgets, Financial Modeling

Enrico Lara

enrico lara 130x130Enrico Lara is a founding partner of Hokura LLC, which provides value-added supply-chain integration and business process consulting for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM) solutions. Known as “the Godfather of PLM,” Lara has engaged in business consulting for major retail companies around the globe. His latest implementation as senior consultant includes Phillips Van Heusen Corporation- PVH, where Mr. Lara implemented ecVision’ s  PLM and Gerber Technologies PDM to all brands and product categories. His efforts included directing the business processes re-engineering efforts creating global standard operating procedures – SOP’s across all operating divisions. He completed his recent engagement at Coach Inc. implementing PLM and directing the re-engineering / SOP project team efforts.


Mr. Lara established his retail and manufacturing career as a senior merchant buying Men’s Accessories, Young Men’s apparel and Women’s Shoes for several department store divisions of Carter Hawley Hale- CHH. He gained extensive knowledge in merchandising as well as store operations of the retail sector during his tenure. Mr. Lara expanded his retail / manufacturing knowledge when he joined Esprit de Corp in the Operations Division. At Esprit Mr. Lara was instrumental in streamlining their domestic and international retail business processes and implemented one the first automated production tracking applications.

Completing his responsibilities at Esprit, Mr. Lara joined Peter R. Johnson & Associates as a Senior Consultant managing ERP development and implementation projects for Home Depot, GNC, Zale’s, Ito-Yokado Co.(Japan) and Seibu (Japan). His implementation efforts included Distribution, Warehousing, Price Management, Purchase Order Management, Transportation, Imports and Invoice Processing.

Mr. Lara was hired by Target Corporation in 1990 and became the IT Senior Group Manager of Product Design and Development-PD&D assisting in establishing Target’s global market position by 2003.  He was instrumental in developing Target’s Domestic and International PDM/PLM applications supporting: Production Tracking, Design, Fabric/Trim development, QA and Color Management, Capacity Planning /Reservations, Sourcing/Costing.  He participated in the development and design of Target’s vendor portal supporting B2B and B2C transactions. During his employment at Target, Mr. Lara was appointed Product Executive to the World Wide Retail Exchange-WWRE. His responsibilities included identifying and documenting PD&D best practices on a global level. At the WWRE he managed participating members from Gap, Kmart, Auchan, Dairy Farm, CVS, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, and Safeway.

Becky Nesmith

becky nesmith 130x130Becky Nesmith is an Independent Consultant, specializing in Retail/Wholesale Supply Chain, Operations and PLM. Becky has successfully transformed organizations under Private Label Branding, directed supply chain and logistics for both wholesale and retail operations, and managed third party relationships with buying agents, QA and compliance partners. Becky has extensive business process and operations knowledge paired with IT systems integration and change management experience that brings value and proven results for clients.

Becky has held direct responsibility for many areas, including; Operations, Imports, Sourcing, Quality Assurance, Brand Compliance, Social Accountability, Garment Fit & Construction and Color. As an executive for a major retail chain, she directed system development, budget management and process improvements across the organization.  One major project, leading the development of web-based and collaborative product development resulted in the implementation of Mervyn’s PLM systems and elimination of manual operational processes & reporting. Becky has also implemented ECVision’s SAAS version at Sprockets. Becky has broad experience in Operations, Logistics, Merchandising, Supply Chain, and Product Design and Development in apparel and retail, holding executive positions with Mervyn’s and Sprocket’s Clothing. She studied English and General Education at California State University at San Jose.


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