Learn from PLM experts what you need to know when planning or updating your PLM implementation.


PLM education Video by David BuckThe first video will provide you with insight about the technical considerations to ensure your PLM system meets your needs and performs on a global and is scalable to enable your extended supply chain to collaborate with your product team.  The author, David Buck, will provide a technology assessment guide when evaluating a PLM solution and more.

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PLM Education Video by Laura McCann-RamseyThe second video will help you understand the process of gathering requirements when planning a PLM implementation.  Laura McCann-Ramsey, an expert in PLM and the Apparel, Footwear and Consumer Goods industries provides thoughtful insights into the requirements gathering process, she calls Measure Twice, Cut Once.


PLM Education Video by Denise SeegalThe third video is a view from the executive suite titled from Paralysis to Prosperity, an interview with Denise Seegal, an industry luminary in the Apparel and Fashion industries.  Denise provides insight into the way executives think about business and the impact of a well implemented PLM system can help companies thrive. 

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Ken-KoenemmanIn the fourth video, Ken Koenemann explores CREATING AN EFFECTIVE PROCESS for the Rapid Design, Development and Launch of New Product Introductions by covering the following topics:

  • Apparel industry challenges & operations pain points
  • Lean in the apparel industry & how it helps:
    • Support product lifecycle management
    • Drive competitiveness
    • Ensure growth
  • Lean product design and development
  • The future:  Concept development through a “managed” creativity process

dozen technical considerations when choosing a PLM System

Amy-AmritageIn the fifth video, Amy Armitage discusses THE HARD WORK OF  IMPLEMENTING PLM, Aligning and engaging people to make it work.  In the video, Amy covers the following topics:

  • Why you should worry about PLM implementation – the people challenge
  • Managing behavior change
  • How  work is changing and its impact on PLM
  • A change management approach for PLM
  • Ten highly effective PLM people practices
  • Research and field work from The McFletcher Corporation on PLM Work Alignment 

8 Architectural Considerations

Chad-JacksonIn the Sixth video, Chad Jackson, Vice President at the Aberdeen Group, discusses Integrating Design Through Delivery for Fast Fashion.

During his presentation, Chad will discuss the emerging best practices in optimizing the design to delivery process in the fashion industry.

Dwayne-FerryIn the Seventh video, Dwayne Ferry discusses BETTER DESIGN WITH AN IMAGE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY FOR PLM AND BEYOND, a way to Communicate your ideas visually.  In the presentation, Dwayne discusses:

  • What is image management?
  • Why do I need a strategy for image management?
  • What can I gain from implementing an image management strategy?

Mark-HarropIn the Eighth video, Mark Harrop discusses SO YOU ARE GOING TO BUY A PLM SOLUTION? HOW TO DEVELOP A PLM RFP, Get your questions answered before it’s too late!  In the presentation, Mark discusses how to develop a PLM RFP:

  • What is an RFP/RFI?
  • History of the RFP/RFI process,
  • Use of RFP/RFI’s in today’s business environment and the pitfalls,
  • How to avoid the confusion,
  • PDP’s independent, custom-built RFP/RFI for the Apparel/Fashion industry,
  • Helping clients to select the right PLM solution based on best fit.

nick-van-weedenburgIn the Ninth video, Nick Van Weerdenburg discusses PLM ROI SECRETS.  Learn how much money you can save by spending the right amount on your PLM solution.

Nick will cover the key PLM ROI points:

  • Return on Investment Validates the Business Case, It’s Not the Business Case
  • Should ultimately be measured against strategic business priorities
  • Needs to be short, medium and long-term
  • Should Account for Organizational Readiness
  • Should Account for Vendor Readiness
  • Should Account for Risk


Steve-HollandIn the Tenth video, Steve Holland discusses to-be process in a presentation titled DON’T PAVE THE COW PATHS.  

Steve covers the following topics:

  • Why is the “As-Is” Process Important
  • Process Mapping Techniques
  • Process Mapping for PLM