Vendor Selection: Technical Feasibility

  • Architectural Fit
    • Ensure the PLM package is built using software languages and platforms that align with other Uniek systems and Uniek Enterprise Architecture direction. Assess the PLM platform application architecture according to Uniek Architecture criteria.  Assess 3rd party software including database servers, application servers, configuration tools and any other additional dependencies of the vendor’s solution.
  • Performance/Scalability
    • PERFORMANCE: Ensure the performance of the system is acceptable. The system needs to display acceptable performance in two ways: one is how long it takes to display screens or data, the second is how many steps are required to complete a task (extra steps require time). Review existing benchmark metrics.
    • SCALABILITY: Ensure the hardware or software system can adapt to increased demands. Ensure that it can handle a large increase in users, workload or transactions without undue strain.  Ensure confidence that Uniek will not outgrow the system. Review existing benchmark metrics.
  • Integrations
    • Evaluate the ability of the PLM system to integrate to other Uniek systems using standard interfaces and supported  interfaces or adapters.  Evaluate if the PLM system can integrate with off the shelf applications used in the product development area (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Kaledo, U4ia, CAD). An integration may mean that you can develop PLM data in a different application, or that you can access data from the other application through PLM, or both.
  • Hosted Solutions
    • Determine if the vendor can host the PLM application for Uniek. This is an option Uniek may explore, as an alternative to hosting the PLM solution in our own data center.  This “Software as a Service” (SaaS) option is our preferred approach for the Conference Room Pilot.   This SaaS option will be explored for the configuration, testing ,and final Production phases.
  • Network Connectivity/Security
    • Assess if the PLM system can be accessed through all browser types (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari…)
    • Assess if the PLM system can be accessed outside the Uniek firewall by agents, vendors and mills.
    • Assess the ability of the PLM system to operate effectively for internal users traveling overseas.
    • Assess if the PLM network traffic  is secure and encrypted over the public networks.
    • Assess if the PLM  system supports proper authorization & authentication
    • Assess if the PLM system security model supports Uniek information security requirements.


Evaluation Criteria: Vendor Viability __%