Independent Software Vendor Selection

Selecting the best PLM vendor requires deep knowledge of functional capabilities, information technology, the vendor landscape, and a prioritization of the client’s business’s requirements.  Zweave is independent and unbiased when reviewing and selecting PLM software vendors for our customers.  We know the PLM vendors – they respect our expertise.  We have a proven vendor selection methodology assuring the best vendor is selected based on the business user’s requirements.  We represent the “Voice of the Customer” and see this process point as an early component of Change Management communication.

 There are over 30 vendors servicing the retail, and consumer products industries – these vendors fall into two categories:

  • PLM providers servicing many industries which tend to be powerful & scalable, and some may have gaps specific to Industry.
  • PLM providers servicing only retail/consumer are viewed as less powerful & scalable, tend to have newer, more intuitive user interface, and fewer product gaps specific to retail.

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