Evaluation Criteria: Functionality

  • Current Capabilities
    • Line: Ability to view a style list, with style & colorway thumbnails, and enter comments and anticipated volumes in a chart-like UI.
    • Style: Ability to create products from “blocks” or “templates”.
    • Source: Ability to create an RFQ for multiple products, for multiple vendors, and receive quote responses back.
  • Vendor Collaboration
    • Ability to allow agents, factories & mills to access products and materials that they are assigned to (not access other products / materials). Ability to control their access to specific product & material information, as well as their ability to create new, update existing, or delete data.
  • Future Strategy/Roadmap
    • Ensure that the vendor has a strategic roadmap for building new functionality, and this aligns with Uniek direction (3 to 5 years out). Focus on the timeline, frequency & content of scheduled releases
    • Is there any planned change in direction that can negatively impact Uniek  needs?
  • Influence
    • Ensure that the vendor has processes in place to work with customers on developing or enhancing functionality. Specifically determine if there are critical gaps at the onset of implementation, that functionality to meet these gaps is scheduled. Uniek example may include  ability to review quotes, select quotes, and review MU; then repeat the process to reach a desired MU across multiple products, and then finally, make final approval.
  • Ease of Use/Visualization
    • Ensure that the product is intuitive, and easy to use. Ensure that screens are laid out nicely, that graphics are available in logical places, and that the navigation from one functional area to the next logical functional area makes sense. Ensure consistency throughout the product.
  • Training Material
    • Ensure training materials are available for technical team, administrating team, power users and users.
    • Review types of training available (instructor lead, web-based, manuals, release notes…)
    • Review applicability of the training (does configuration make the OOTB training invalid?).
    • Ensure there is a method for updating customers on new functionality as it is developed.


Vendor Selection: Technical Feasibility