Evaluation Criteria: Cost __%

  • Initial Investment
    • Review license costs (modular, non-modular)
  • Hardware Costs
    • Review license costs (modular, non-modular)
  • Timeline: Implementation and Upgrades
    • Understand time required to implement the solution, and variations that might exist when implementing across limited functional areas, or limited users.
    • Understand time required to upgrade the solution, including solution assessment, software installation, data migration, new configuration, change management of team, issue resolution…
  • Maintenance and Support
    • Understand maintenance program & fees available
    • Understand standard support period for any release
  • Future Upgrades and Configuration
    • Understand cost of future updates or upgrades to software & hardware
    • Understand cost of additional configuration as software is upgraded
    • Understand cost of migrating data during upgrades
    • Understand cost of adding users or modules in the future

Vendor Scoring Through Stage