Zweave’s Success Story: The United States Air Force

The U.S Air Force awarded a contract to Zweave to design and build the worlds’ largest database of 3-D and tabular anthropometric survey data. Anthropometric studies provide valuable information to product developers designing apparel, vehicles, safety equipment, sporting goods, footwear, furniture and other items designed for use by humans. Designers can make informed decisions related to product requirements, sizing systems, and fit. Designers can also use anthropometric data to assess the ability of existing products to work together, assess if an individual is safe to use a product, and determine the optimal size for equipment or clothing for a particular individual. The ergonomics research solution Zweave developed for the Air Force contains a database of over 50 public domain anthropometric surveys. An additional survey, which has been converted, is the recent CAESAR survey sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). CAESAR contains over 12,000 3-D whole body scans. Also included with these scans are extracted measurements and demographic information on each subject. This Ergonomics Research System, FitCOMM™, provides collaborative access to over 11 million subject measurements for thousands of military and civilian product development designers, engineers, buyers, and manufacturers. Zweave concluded a Phase I and Phase II project in 2004.