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Trendalytics is a new, visual analytics platform that marries the art and beauty of fashion with the science of  big data analytics. Trendalytics  measures how consumers resonate with merchandise trends by identifying and synthesizing product attributes across social chatter, search behavior and shared images to reveal the most relevant insights that are actionable for merchandising and marketing teams. The Trendalytics platform has insights and feedback from over 100 professionals across 40 brands and retailers. 

The innovative online Software as a Service (SaaS) synthesizes industry specific social, search, and ecommerce data to deliver a visual and actionable set of dynamic analytics. Before Trendalytics, Retail Merchants, Analysts and Marketing professionals needed to synthesize information from multiple, unrelated services.  Trendalytics provides an efficient and cost effective business intelligence solution for marketing and merchandising teams resulting in significant ROI.

See the Announcement of the Zweave Trendalytics Partnership Download your free Trendalytics Reports here: Merchandise_Report Marketing_Report Merchandising                                    Marketing

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